Dental x-rays are a crucial element for the dentists and hygienists to determine what is happening in your mouth and what sort of treatments you may need. Often these vital tools show us things that we just cannot see without them.

We are lucky enough to have the facilities to do several types of dental x-rays which range from intra-oral xrays such as general check x-rays which look for decay or single tooth x-rays which are often used to diagnose things like tooth aches. We also have the facilities to take extra-oral x-rays which range from OPG, Lateral Cephs which are 2D images of both the upper and lower jaws to 3D images which can be of one tooth or the whole mouth.

We are very conscious of delivering the lowest dose possible to get the best image possible. We also only ever recommended x-rays when they are absolutely necessary. If you are concerned about dosages we are able to discuss this with you and give you information about dosages in regards to dental images.


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