People of all ages are interested in having straight teeth. Children at the age of 6 can benefit from having an assessment to help families plan for their future treatment. Sometimes early intervention can prevent the need for braces.

We also have patient’s with braces in their 50’s and 60’s and even a 70 year old. It is never too late.

The basis of straight teeth is the boney foundation. Many cases of crooked teeth have an underlying soft tissue (tongue and lips) issue which effects bone development and as a result, puts teeth in undesirable positions.

The position of the bone and teeth reflects the shape of your face and your profile. Extracting teeth can worsen or enhance your facial features. In general, most people in our demographic fair better to be treated without extractions. However, each one is assessed on an individual basis.

The development of the bone and teeth has been shown to have a link to the quality of sleep. Neuro-developmental conditions such are ADHD have a direct link to Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

To assess your situation, moulds of your teeth are taken and digitally converted along with a series of photographs. 2 X-rays are also taken to help the assessment but sometimes a 3D x-ray is taken instead.

It must be stressed that we are not a specialist orthodontic practice. We are a general dental practice that is serious about giving the best orthodontic treatment to our patients. We encourage all patients considering orthodontics to get as many opinions are possible and then decide on the treatment that best suits them.

Dr Pohan’s interest in orthodontics stretches back to 1986 when he worked at 2 orthodontic practices in Melbourne. He continues to update his knowledge regularly with seminars and conferences around Australia.