A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed in the jawbone to support either a porcelain tooth or a bridge. The success rate for implants is very high and it is the closest thing to having your own tooth.

It is surprisingly a short and painless procedure and it is easily done under a local anaesthetic. The titaniumĀ implant takes 3-6 months to fuse to theĀ bone making it rock solid. Once the bone has attached to the implant, it will be ready to have a crown or bridge fitting and it is very hard to tell it is not your own tooth. Sometimes it is possible to place the crown immediately at the same time the implant is placed.

It is important to understand that you don’t necessarily have to have one implant per tooth that you want replaced. Sometimes 2 teeth can be supported with one implant. We have a modern procedure whereby a whole full arch can be supported with just 4 implants. This is called a Nobelbiocare All-on-4 procedure. An entire full denture can be replaced with this technique and is popular for people with a full lower denture.

Before an implant can be placed, a specialised 3D x-ray is taken to ensure there is enough bone to hold the implant. We are very fortunate to have these xray facilities at our clinic making diagnosis of implants very quick and simple for our patients.