Hygiene is a large focus at our practice and as we all know…

prevention is better than a cure’  (and cheaper too)

We encourage all our patients to have regular check ups and cleans with our Dentists and Hygienists; these appointments can prevent you from needing expensive restorative work in the future.

Our hygienist’s are specifically trained to assess and treat your gums to restore them to their optimum health.  The gums act as foundations for your teeth, just as it is important to maintain the foundations of a house so too is it crucial in maintaining the health of your gums.

A typical check up appointment consists of:

  • Scale and Cleaning – provided by the Hygienist. Soft plaque and hard tartar is removed and teeth polish smooth.
  • Intraoral X-rays – view the parts of the teeth which cannot be seen like under existing fillings and in between teeth.
  • OPG (full mouth x-ray) - provides a general assessment of the surrounding structures. Bone levels, boney abnormalities, nasal and sinus cavities and  wisdom teeth are looked at. When taken in conjunction with intra-oral x-rays, this x-ray is generally the cost of the rebate from either your health fund or Medicare.
  • Examination – Once the Hygienist has collaborated the above information the dentist will come in and do an examination with close reference to the x-rays to look for any decay or gum disease. A dental chart is created each appointment which documents existing and required treatments.

Based upon this examination, regular check ups at intervals between 3 months to 18 months will be suggested.

If you would like to book in a check up or have any questions regarding the appointment please feel free to contact our office by phone or this website.